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Lumbar Decompression Belt™ - Decompress your back!

Lumbar Decompression Belt™ - Decompress your back!

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The #1 Back Decompression Belt of 2022

The Lumbar Decompression Belt™ is the world's leading spinal decompression lower back brace. It reduces the burden around the ligaments so that damaged lumbar muscles can get a full rest.

It provides clinical-grade traction and decompression therapy, allowing you to walk easier, feels lighter, lifts heavier, and stand taller - all while keeping you 100% safe. 

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Major Pain Relief

The Lumbar Decompression Belt™  targets pain at the source, decompressing your spine, and relieving the pressure. Less pressure means less pain. Our medical-grade quality belt has changed the lives of thousands who suffer from extreme back pain.

This belt will help lift your lumbar and unload the weight of the lower back allowing the muscles to relax. Using traction, the belt expands vertically and reduces the pressure around your lower back joints. It has been proven to stop back pain after just a few days of use.


Easy To Use 

  1. Place the Lumbar Decompression Belt™  around your midsection. The lower part of the belt should sit just above the upper part of your pelvic area.
  2. Fasten the two ends of the belt together using the velcro
  3. Turn the air valve clockwise, then attach the air pump to the valve
  4. Continue to inflate the belt until it is fully inflated. When fully inflated, remove the nozzle from the belt
  5. When you have finished using the belt, turn the air valve in a counter-clockwise direction to deflate 


Improve Your Quality Of Life

Stop letting back pain slow you down, and start getting back to doing the things you should be.

Whether it's playing with your kids, planting your garden, or exerting physical labor at work, your body needs to be on top of its game. The MedTherapy Belt makes all of this possible and more!

No More Strain

The Lumbar Decompression Belt™ pushes all the tension from your lower back upwards. This keeps your spine stretched out when lifting heavy objects, or simply bending down to tie your shoes.

Highest Quality Material

The Lumbar Decompression Belt™  is made with cotton threading and high-quality elastic rubber to ensure maximum comfort while decompressing your spine. We take pride in making sure you have the highest quality product for your money without the extra costs! 


Built For Any Occasion

Suitable for anyone (male & female) with lower sore back pain from handling kids, elderly care, physical labor and more. 

The belt can be used during physical activities or while resting. We recommend to use it when walking, sitting, lying down, gardening, golfing, working, driving, etc.

It holds together your mid-section to help support and stabilize your spine and muscles. With such support, you will stand taller and straighter than ever before. This can significantly improve the way you move and feel throughout the day -  no more slouching!

Lumbar has shown to help with all the most common causes of back pain, PLUS more...

Save Time & Money

Spinal decompression therapy can cost up to $6000 USD.

The Lumbar Decompression Belt™ lasts a lifetime. For less than $60 you can uplift your spine and be pain-free again

Clinically Grade Lumbar Decompression

Stop suffering from a stiff, aching back. This 2-in-1 Decompression Belt provides clinical-grade traction and decompression therapy. Simply wrap it around your waist and use the included hand pump to inflate — you'll feel it go to work immediately stretching tight muscles and easing pain. 

Say Goodbye To Back Pain

The Lumbar Decompression Belt™  targets pain at the source, decompressing your spine, and relieving the pressure. The moment you strap on & inflate the decompression belt, you'll notice immediate & measurable relief of lower back pain and stiffness caused by tight lower back muscles, herniated discs, and other ailments. 


Convenient Design

Lightweight & portable, you can enjoy the benefits of this spinal brace anytime; like while resting and relaxing at home, lying down in bed before going to sleep, working at your desk while standing or sitting, or performing daily activities like walking, gardening, golfing, driving, etc...


Prevent Injury & Restore Alignment

 Modern-day lifestyles promote a lot of time spent sitting down, which can lead to the spine compressing, wearing down the spinal discs, and degenerating over time. Decompressing the spine makes the spine less susceptible to this degeneration and breakdown.


No More Slouching

Not only is this belt for easing back pain, but it also improves your posture while sitting down

What Comes With My Package?

Each  Package Includes:

  • 1x Lumbar Decompression Belt™
  • 1x Air pump
  • 1x Extension Strap
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Free E-Book about Neck Pain Relief ( Valued at $29.99 USD)


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